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Radon Testing Available in Fort Collins, CO​

ABSOLUTELY, especially before you purchase or rent your home and if you have an existing radon system that's more than 2 yearsold. Many homes and buildings in Colorado have radon levels exceeding EPA limits given the high levels of uranium naturally present in this part of the country.

Many Homes in Northern Colorado and along the Front Range have radon levels at or above the EPA action level for Radon Mitigation (4.0 PicoCuries per Liter of air or higher). Click here to see radon levels in Larimer County and surrounding areas.

Doing Home Renovations?

If you decide to renovate or alter an area of the home, a radon test should be taken before and after the project. Generally, it is less expensive to install a radon reduction system as part of the renovation project, rather than after you have completed your renovations.

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